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New staff members in RG Tezkan

We welcome Maria Cherevatova and Mohamed Adel Genedi

New post-doc in the AGEO working group

We welcome Maria Cherevatova - a new post-doctoral researcher from Russia. She has started the post-doc project at the Institute in March 2019.  In her project she will be working on the processing and interpretation of the controlled-source radio-magnetotelluric data in the extended frequency range 1kHz - 1MHz. This research is supported by the DFG grant.

New PhD in the AGEO working group

We also welcome Mohamed Adel Genedi - a new PhD student from Mansoura University, Egypt. He has started his PhD Program in Applied Geophysics at the institute in April, 2019.  In his PhD, he will be working on the analysis and interpretation of Electrical resistivity (VES) data, Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) data and Magnetotelluric data for groundwater research between Ramadan and Belbies Cities