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Graduation ceremony summer semester 2019

In the summer semester 2019 a total of eight students finished their Master's degree and two doctoral candidates successfully completed their PhD

At the graduation ceremony on 11 July 2019 , in the Geo-Bio-Hörsaal, Zülpicher Straße, five of the graduates were presented with their certificate. In the picture from left to right:

Tobias Marke, PhD/Meteorology, the topic of his thesis: "Identification of patterns in long-term observations of the cloudy boundary layer"

Michael Schöffel, Master/Geophysics, the topic of his thesis: "Analysis of JUNO-observed Pitch Angle Spectra in Jupiter's Magnetosphere"

Robert C. Scheele, Master/Meteorology, the topic of his thesis: "Potential of high resolution ICON-LEM simulations for wind power forecasts"

Sybille Y. Schoger, Master/Meteorology, the topic of her thesis: "Snowfall rate retrieval from ground-based in situ and radar measurements"

Alexander Marzok, Master/Geophysics, the topic of his thesis: "Mapping the brightness of Ganymede's UV aurora using HAST/STIS observations"