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Public Climate School

From 25th to 28th of November universities all over Germany will open their facilities to the public and create room for discussions about the climate crisis, its consequences and solutions. Our aim is to inform as many people as possible and finally include the role of universities in the process of creating a climate friendly society. During the climate protest week we will change the regular university schedule by offering talks, debates and workshops in which we discuss climate change and work on sustainable ideas for our future. We will bring these to the streets on Friday the 29th for the next global climate strike.

Everyone is welcome to join this week of climate information and action!


Monday, 25.11.19:
  • 13:00-15:15 Uhr: "Clouds and Climate" by Dr. Claudia Acquistapace in 4.001

  • 14:00-14:45 Uhr: "Basics des Klimawandels von Hand nachgerechnet"

Tuesday, 26.11.19:
  • 14:00-15:30 Uhr: "Basics des Klimawandels von Hand nachgerechnet"
Wednesday, 27.11.19:
  • 9:30-11:00 Uhr: "Argumente von Klimaskeptikern wissenschaftlich beleuchten" by Prof. Susanne Crewell in 4.001

  • 14:00-15:30 Uhr: "Global change of the Earth's atmospheric Composition and Climate" by Dr. Thomas F. Mentel in 4.001

  • 16:00-17:30 Uhr: "Einführung in die Meteorologie" by Prof. Susanne Crewell in Hörsaal Mineralogie

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