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Küchler, N., Kneifel, S., Kollias, P.; Löhnert, U.
Revisiting liquid water content retrievals in warm stratified clouds: The modified Frisch
Geophysical Research Letters, 45, 1–8,
September 2018
Hoose, C, Karrer, M.K.; Barthlott, C
Cloud top phase distributions of simulated deep convective clouds
J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 123
August 2018
Maturilli, M; Ebell, K
Twenty-five years of cloud base height measurements by ceilometer in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 10:1451-1456
August 2018
Shao, Y, Anhäuser, A, Ludwig, P, Schlüter, P; Williams, E
Statistical reconstruction of global vegetation for the last glacial maximum
Global and Planetary Change, 168:67-77
Juni 2018
Dong, Z, Shao, Y, Qin, D, Kang, S, Wei, T, Wang, X; Wang, S
Hf-Nd-Sr Isotopic Composition as Fingerprint for Long-Range Transported Eolian Dust Deposition in Glacier Snowpack of Eastern Tibetan Plateau
Journal of Geophyiscal Research: Atmospheres,
Juni 2018
Rostami, M., Zeitlin, V.; Montabone, L.
On the role of spatially inhomogeneous diabatic effects upon the evolution of Mars’ annular polar vortex
Juni 2018
Ori, D.; Kneifel, S.
Assessing the uncertainties of the Discrete Dipole Approximation in case of melting ice particles
J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer, (217):396-406
Juni 2018
Liu, D., Ishizuka, M., Mikami, M.; Shao, Y.
Turbulent characteristics of saltation and uncertainty of saltation model parameters
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18:7595-7606
Mai 2018
Saur, J, Fischer, C, Wennmacher, A, Feldmann, P. D, Roth, L, Strobel, D. F; Reiners, A
The UV Spectrum of the Ultracool Dwarf LSR J1835+3259 Observed with the Hubble Space Telescope
The Astrophysical Journal, 859(1):11
Mai 2018
Rostami, M.; Zeitlin, V.
Improved moist‐convective rotating shallow water model and its application to instabilities of hurricane‐like vortices
Q J R Meteorol Soc.,
März 2018
Kneifel, S., Dias Neto, J., Ori, D., Moisseev, D., Tyynelä, J., Adams, I.S., Kuo, K-S., Bennartz, R., Berne, A., Clothiaux, E.E., Eriksson, P., Geer, A.J., Honeyager, R., Leinonen, J.; Westbrook, C.D.
The First International Summer Snowfall Workshop: Scattering properties of realistic frozen hydrometeors from simulations and observations, as well as defining a new standard for scattering databases
Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., (99):ES55–ES58
März 2018
Dong, Z., Shao, Y., Qin, D., Zhang, L., Hou, X., Wei, T., Kang, S.; Qin, X.
Insight into radio-isotope 129| deposition in fresh snow at a remote glacier basin of northeast Tibetan Plateau, China
Geophysical Research Letters, 45
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