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Master's Degree Program

Starting from the winter semester 2013/14 the MSc program "Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere " will be offered in English and is suitable for both German and international students. The MSc courses are designed to impart advanced knowledge in a field of your preference – either Geophysics or Meteorology. The program allows you to acquire the advanced skills and in-depth understanding for your future career as a geophsicist and/or a meteorologist. In addition to explosure to the state of the art Geophysics and Meteorology, you will learn how to think and work independently and critically in sciene. 

The MSc program builds on the knowledge you would have already acquired at the BSc level. Graduates from related BSc programs are also encouraged to apply for the MSc program, subject to the condition that the admission prerequisites are met. Please note that the Application deadlines for starting the degree program in summer/winter semester are 15 January and 15 July respectively each year, respectively. 

• How weather forecasting models and climate models function
• How motions in the earth’s interior and crust are simulated
• How solar winds, planets, and their moons interact
• How electromagnetic methods of applied geophysics can be used for the exploration of the earth

In addition you will learn methods which enable you to obtain the greatest amount of information about the state on the state of the atmosphere or the earth from a limited number of measurements. These ‘inverse methods’ are used in many areas of the natural, as well as social, sciences. The core subjects (modules) that are offered in this program are as follows:

MSc Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere
Core subjects for Geophysics:

• Geophysics of the solar system
• Electrical and electromagnetic methods of Applied Geophysics
• Seismology
• Geophysics - Advanced Practicum 
• Space Physics

Core subjects for Meteorology:

• Physics of the Atmosphere
• Physical Climatology
• Radiation, Clouds and Precipitation
• Meteorology – Advanced Practicum
• Dynamics of the Atmosphere

The last two semesters are dedicated to the preparation and writing of your MSc thesis. You will learn how to approach and assess scientific questions independently, and you will be able to do this in a research area which fascinates you. There are many different research areas in our institute, in which you can become involved, and if you have ideas about certain research topics, then, you will be encouraged to pursue them!
This MSc degree program is a partnership degree program" jointly offered by the University of Bonn and the University of Cologne, and thus offers the students a very wide range of optional modules. Further detailed information about the MSc degree program can be found here.