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Vacancies AG Shao

  • 2 PhD positions in AG Shao (Atmospheric Modelling)



    1. The PhD candidate will participate in regional palaeo-climate simulation with emphasis on regional palaeo aeolian dust cycle. He/she will work on reconciling the simulated palaeo-climate variability and climate proxies focusing on aeolian dust patterns and loess records.


    More information here

    2. The PhD candidate will work on palaeo climate variability and human mobility modelling with focus on global and regional palaeo-climate conditions that affect human existence and mobility, such as food supply and vegetation in case of hunter and gatherers. He/she will carry out human population case studies.

    More information here

    Contact: Y. Shao


  • 1 Student Assistant in AG Shao (Atmospheric Modelling)


    Der Aufgabenbereich umfasst Datenvorbereitung und Datenanalyse, sowie z.T. eigene Modellierung.

    Die Stelle ist vorläufig mit 9 Stunden/Woche vorgesehen.

    More information here.

  • Contact: Y. Shao


Vacancies AG Saur

  • 2 studentische Hilfskraftstellen in AG Saur (Electrophysiology of Parkinson's Disease)

    Der Aufgabenbereich umfasst die Datenaufbereitung und -analyse von aus dem menschlichen Gehirn gewonnenen lokalen Feldpotentialen. Mögliche Arbeitsschwerpunkte sind Kausalitätsbestimmung oder nicht-lineare Netzwerkanalyse.

    Die Stellen sind vorläufig mit 8 Stunden/Woche vorgesehen.

    Ansprechpartner: M. von Papen (m.papen[at]uni-koeln.de, 0221 470-2841, Raum 3.224)

Vacancies AG Crewell

  • 1 Student Assistant in AG Crewell (Integrated Remote Sensing)

    Es sollen Messungen der Mikrowellenradiometer der AG, von Jülich, Barbados und der Zugspitze, ausgewertet werden.

    Die Stelle ist vorläufig mit 9 Stunden/Woche vorgesehen.    

    Contact: S. Crewell

  • 1 Student Assistant in AG Crewell (Integrated Remote Sensing)

    Zur Unterstützung bei der Evaluierung des numerischen Wettervorhersagemodelles COSMO des Deutschen Wetterdienstes.

    Die Stelle ist vorläufig mit 9 Stunden/Woche vorgesehen.    

    Contact: S. Crewell

Stellenangebote Emmy-Noether Gruppe Kneifel

Currently there are no open positions available. If you are interested in working with us as a visiting scientist see the information here or contact Dr. Stefan Kneifel.

Stellenangebote Computational Geosciences AG

  • Student Assistent: Molecular Dynamics / Discrete-Element-Simulations

The Computational Geosciences group is looking for a Student Assistant (SHK or WHB) (m/f) to work on numerical simulations of granular materials.

work load: flexible ( 9 – 19 hr / week)

Your task:
You will simulate granular systems using one of the leading softwares for Discrete-Element-Simulations (LAMMPS/LIGGGHTS), which is open source and widely used in industry and academic research, with applications in physics, geosciences, chemistry and many engineering fields.

What do you bring?
- ongoing Bachelor or Master in Physics, Mathematics, Geosciences, Computer Sciences, Chemistry, Chemical
Engineering or related field
- experience with Linux operation system and at least one programming language

You will also have the opportunity to choose exciting topics related to these DEM simulations that are suitable for a Master Thesis in a field of Physics or Geosciences.

Please contact Dr. Eric Parteli (eric.parteli(at)uni-koeln.de)



Student Research Opportunities Program (SiROP)

SiROP is an IT-platform for students and scientists to post, search, and find research projects of any kind. It provides information on practical courses, Bachelor- and Master thesis, PhD- and Postdoc positions at the participating universities. Currently, mainly european universities and institutes are involved (e. g., Univeristy of Cologne, ETH Zürich, Imperial College London).

In order to view the offers on SiROP you have to be either student or staff at one of the participating institutions. On login you are required to specify the name of your university or institute. The affiliation is checked via the email address.