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Oberseminar Angewandte Geophysik



Dienstag 09:15 - 10:45



Tag Datum Zeit Ort Vortragende Thema
Di2016-10-2509:15PA. HaroonApplication of marine DED in two-dimensional coastal regions: Limitations of a 1D interpretation
Di2016-11-0809:15PJournal Club I
Di2016-11-1509:15PJournal Club II
Di2016-11-2209:15PRaphael RochlitzSQUID sensors for TEM & FEniCS - 3D CSEM finite element modeling
Di2016-11-2909:15PH. Langenbach3D Cole-Cole Inversion of Time-Domain IP Data Measured in Krauthausen, Germany
Di2016-12-0609:15PD. Ruiz-Aguilar3D Modeling and Inversion of MT data from San Felipe (Mexico)
Di2016-12-1309:15PW. MörbeDESMEX Lotem Survey Schleiz 2016: First 1D Inversion Results
Di2016-12-2009:15PN. PützerJoint 2D inversion of resistivity and seismic traveltime data with cross-gradient constraints
Di2017-01-1009:15PC. JiEffects of the sea floor topography on the 1D inversion of time domain marine controlled source electromagnetic data
Di2017-01-1709:15PJournal Club III
Di2017-01-2409:15PM. KüpperTEM imaging using Born Approximation
Di2017-01-3109:15PJ. WittkeAdvanced meshless modelling
Di2017-02-0709:15PJ. Adrian2D Inversion of DC/IP data: Depth of investigation and smoothness constraints
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Journal Club


 Journal Club IJournal Club IIJournal Club III
Geophysics Cai Ji S. Janser
Geophysical Prospecting H. Langenbach J. Hauser W. Mörbe
Near Surface Geophysics I. Muttaquien N. Pützer
Journal of Applied Geophysics D. Ruiz-Aguilar M. Seidel
Geophysical Journal International   D. Ossen
Geophysical Research Letters      
Nature Geoscience  M. Küpper  J. Böckmann
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