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Projects of RG Crewell

SFB1211 Earth - Evolution at the Dry Limit 7/2016 - 6/2020 DFG SFB1211 1.Phase A01 University of Cologne, Department of Geosciences Jan Schween, NN

HD(CP)2 II-O Data Management and Integrated Observation Products

4/2016 - 3/2019 BMBF 01LK1502A University of Hamburg, DWD, FZ Jülich, LMU, MPI-M, TROPOS, University of Leipzig, Computer Centre University of Cologne, FU Berlin, University of Bonn Sandra Steinke, María Barrera Verdejo

HD(CP)2 II-S1 Fast cloud adjustment to aerosols

4/2016 - 3/2019 BMBF 01LK1503H LMU, TROPOS, KIT, FU Berlin, Unversity of Mainz, University of Leipzig Montserrat Costa Surós

HD(CP)2 II-S2 Low level clouds in small-scale and global circulation models

4/2016 - 3/2019 BMBF 01LK1504A TROPOS, University of Leipzig, LMU, FU Berlin Claudia Acquistapace

ARON A virtual remote sensing network for continuous, near-real-time monitoring of atmospheric instability

1/2016 - 12/2018 DWD 2015EMF-09 NOAA Maria Toporov

JOYCE CF Core Facility JOYCE

4/2016 - 3/2019 DFG LO 901/7-1 University of Bonn, FZ Jülich N.N.

TR172 ArctiC Amplification: Climate Relevant Atmospheric and SurfaCe Processes, and Feedback Mechanisms (AC)3

1/2016 - 12/2019 DFG TRR172 1.Phase
B03, B05, E02, E03, E04
Universities of Leipzig & Bremen, AWI, TROPOS Kerstin Ebell, Lisa Dirks, Tatiana Nomokonova, Ana Radovan

ET-CC Emerging Group: Energy Transition and Climate Change

11/2014-10/2017 DFG ZUK 81/1 University of Bonn, FZ Jülich Jan Schween, Nils Küchler, Timo Klein

TR32 MGK: Integrated Research Training group (IRTG)

01/2015-12/2018 DFG-TRR32/3 TP MGK (Z05) University of Bonn, RWTH Aachen, FZJülich Nadine Heinrichs

TR32 III Measuring, modelling and understanding the spatio-temporal structures in atmosphere-land surface exchange

01/2015- 12/2018 DFG TRR32/3 2015 D02 University of Bonn, RWTH Aachen, FZJülich Tobias Marke, Pavel Krobot

Hertz II A future-oriented framework for regional climate monitoring

01/2015-12/2017 DWD DWD2014P5B University of Bonn Christopher Frank

ESA Travel Grant

06/2014-05/2015 ESA D/EOP/rp/2013/205 FZ Jülich -


01/2013-12/2016 Helmholtz VH-GS-401 FZ Jülich Kobra Khosravianghadikolaei
ESA Travel Grant 06/2013-06/2014 ESA D/EOP/rp/2013/116 INOE -
Pavlos Kollias Forschungskostenzuschuss 06/2013-12/2013 Humboldt Stiftung 3.1-KAN/1149291 STP McGill, MPI Hamburg -
HD(CP)2-O3 High Definition of clouds and precipitation for enhancing climate prediction – Integration von Messungen und Modellierung 10/2012-03/2016 BMBF 01LK1211C University of Hamburg, University of Munich, Computer Centre University of Cologne Emiliano Orlandi
Use of Spectral Information at Microwave Region for Numerical Weather Prediction 03/2012-12/2014 ESA / ESTEC AO/1-6844/11/NL/AF Estellus, LERMA, Lulea Tech, Chalmers Emiliano Orlandi
HD(CP)2-O1 High Definition of clouds and precipitation for enhancing climate prediction (HD(CP)2) - Supersites 10/2012-03/2016 BMBF 01LK1209A
Claudia Aquistapace, Ana Cirisan, Anne Hirsikko, Emiliano Orlandi, Kerstin Ebell
HD(CP)2-O2 High Definition of clouds and precipitation for enhancing climate prediction - Full Domain 10/2012-03/2016 BMBF 01LK1210C TROPOS, LIM, FU Berlin, UBonn Sonja Reitter
ITaRS: Initial Training Network on Remote Sensing 04/2012-03/2016 EU Marie Curie ITN-289923 INOE, NTUA, UPC, IMAA, TUDelft, UReading, TROPOS, UPotsdam María Barrera Verdejo, Gabriele Corbetta, Sarah Henkel
Hans-Ertel Zentrum: Retrospective analysis of regional climate 01/2011-12/2014 DWD T4-A11-EZ-2010 Universität Bonn Stefan Kneifel, Stephanie Redl, Sandra Steinke
ADMIRARI II: Advanced Microwave Radiometer for Rain Identification 05/2011-10/2014 DFG LO 901/5-1 Universität Bonn Maximilian Maahn
ICOS: Integrating Cloud Observations from Ground and Space – a Way to Combine Time and Space Information 11/2010-12/2014 DFG CR 111/8-1 IfT Leipzig, FU Berlin Kerstin Ebell
HAMP: Using the HALO Microwave Package for cloud and precipitation research 01/2011-06/2016 DFG CR 111/9-1 University of Hamburg Emiliano Orlandi, Maximilian Maahn

TR32-D2: Experimental study of spatio-temporal structures in atmosphere-land surface energy, water and CO2 exchange

01/2011-12/2014 DFG-TR32 A. Wahner, U. Rascher, FZ Jülich Jan Schween, Hella Ahrends
TR32 MGK: Integrated Research Training group (IRTG) 01/2011-12/2014 DFG-TR32 University of Bonn, RWTH Aachen, FZJülich Karin Boessenkool
AWARDS: Advanced microWAve Radiometers in Deep space Stations 03/2010-08/2011 ESA A0/1-628/09/NL/LvH ALMAspace, Chalmers  
Untersuchungen zur Validierung von Eisgehalten im GME mit Cloudsat-Satellitendaten 02/2009- 09/2009 DWD 3017012/08-RIN   Sonja Eikenberg
Implementierung und Validierung des Strahlungsschemas RRTM(G) im numerischen Vorhersagemodell COSMO 11/2008-12/2009 DWD 3016587/08-DAN   Kerstin Ebell, Wenchieh Yen
Hydrant: Water vapour and Clouds at the Belgian Antarctic Station 07/2009-03/2015 Belgian Science Policy EA/01/4A+B Nicole van Lipzig (KU Leuven), RMI, KNMI  
TOSCA: Towards an Optimal-estimation Snow Characterization Algorithm 08/2007-03/2014 DFG LO 901/3-1 UBonn, MPI Hamburg, DLR Stefan Kneifel, Ulrich Löhnert
TR32-D2: Experimental study of spatio-temporal structures in atmosphere-land surface energy, water and CO2 01/2007-12/2010 DFG SFB/TR32 A. Wahner, FZ Jülich Jan Schween, Christoph Selbach, Anke Schickling
Study of a Sub-millimetre Wave Airborne Demonstrator for Observations of Precipitation and Ice Clouds 11/2007 - 05/2009 ESA-ESTEC F11252/45000 ASTRIUM, LERMA, IRF, MPI Hamburg Mario Mech
NEWVAP: New methods for characterizing energy and water vapor exchange processes 06/2007–08/2008 EUFAR Metair Christoph Selbach
ATPROP: Development of Ground Equipment for Atmospheric Propagation Condition Assessment from 10 and 90 GHz Frequency Bands 06/2006–12/2013 ESA-ESTEC 19839/06/NL/LvH Radiometer Physics GmbH Dorle Nörenberg
QUEST: Quantitative Evaluation of Regional Precipitation Forecasts Using Multi-Dimentional Remote Sensing Observations 10/2008–09/2012 DFG PP 1167 CR111/5-3 DLR, DWD, FU Berlin, UHamburg Thorsten Reinhardt, Sonja Reitter
Coordination of the SPP 1167: preparation and Realization of the PQP Field campaigns COPS and GOP 07/2006–11/2008 DFG PP 1167 WU 356/4-2 U. Hohenheim, DLR, IfT Leipzig, U. Karlsruhe Mario Mech, Kerstin Ebell
Investigation of Intracloud Lightning Detection in the Low and Very Low frequency (VLF/LF)-Range 02/2006–02/2008 DFG BE 724/8-1 H.-D. Betz, LMU München Friederike Koch, Brigitte Fuchs
AQUARADAR-E: Estimation of areal precipitation by polarimetric weather radar 01/2005–09/2010 DFG Cr 111/7-2 Coordinated by UBonn, with: M. Hagen, DLR; UHamburg; U. Karlsruhe; MPI Mainz; DWD Wenchieh Yen