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Vorlesungsverzeichnis - Sommersemester 2019

Studienberatung für die Fächer Geophysik und Meteorologie (alle Sprechstunden nach Vereinbarung):

Geophysik: A. Wennmacher - Raum 3.234, Pohligstr. 3

Meteorologie: F. Steffany - Raum 3.114, Pohligstr. 3

Master Courses

Course Nr. Course
  Introduction to the Master's Degree Program "Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere"
14904.2021 IM, Inverse Modellierung - N.N.
14904.2091 GEOSPACE, Space Physics - J. Saur
14904.2062 GEOAFC, Advanced Geophysical Field Course - P. Yogeshwar
14904.2121 METCLIMATE, Physical Climatology - F. Steffany
14904.2171 METRS, Advanced Remote Sensing - S. Crewell, K. Ebell
14904.2033 PWORK, Project Work (BMD) - N.N.
14904.2101 METABL, Atmospheric Boundary Layer - R. Neggers
14904.2032 BMD Seminar - N.N.
14904.2202 MASTER, Master Colloquium (BMD) - N.N.

International Master of Environmental Sciences (IMES)

Course Nr. Course
  Introduction to Synoptic Meteorology - F. Steffany
  Environmental Medicine - T. Erren
  Energy Resources, Environment and the Economy - D. Lindenberger


Course Nr. Course
14904.3011 Doktorandenseminar (BMD) - N.N
14904.3031 Kolloquium der Geophysik und Meteorologie
14904.3041 Angewandte Geophysik (privatissime) - B. Tezkan, P. Yogeshwar
14904.3051 Extraterrestrische Physik (privatissime) - J. Saur, F.M. Neubauer, A. Wennmacher
14904.3071 Fernerkundung (privatissime) - S. Crewell, U. Löhnert