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Vacancies RG Tezkan

If you are interested in working on this exciting topic contact Dr. Pritam Yogeshwar.

  • 1 student assistant in RG Tezkan (Applied Geophysics)

    DESMEX: Deep Electromagnetic Sounding for Mineral Exploration:

    An open student assistant position (SHK/WHK, 8 h / weak) is available a.s.a.p in the applied geophysics working group (RG Tezkan). During Summer 2016 and 2017 large scale semi-airborne CSEM and LOTEM surveys were conducted to investigate deep mineral deposits down to 1000 m depth. This year a semi-airborne survey is planned to explore massive ore deposits in Kiruna/Sweden. The survey is part of the DESMEX project.

    Major tasks of the student assistant working on this topic are:

    • processing of LOTEM and CSEM data from conducted surveys; visualization of EM data
    • forward and inverse modeling of LOTEM and CSEM data
    • handling of geophysical devices
    • preparation of CSEM survey in Kiruna; field work assistance during surveys

Vacancies RG Crewell

  • 1 student assistant in RG Crewell (Integrated Remote Sensing)

    Airborne remote sensing of mixed-phase clouds during ACLOUD

    During summer 2017, the working group Integrated Remote Sensing (AG Crewell) of the University of Cologne performed a large field campaign (Arctic CLoud Observations Using airborne measurements during polar Day:ACLOUD) with two research aircraft Polar 5 & 6 of the Alfred-Wegener-Institute of Polar and Oceanic Research out of Longyearbyen Spitsbergen. The campaign is part of the research initiative Arctic Amplification: Climate Relevant Atmospheric and Surface Processes and Feedback Mechanisms(AC) which aims to understand the amplified increase in surface temperature in the Arctic.

    One of the major targets of the field campaign is the observation of Arctic mixed-phase clouds over open water and sea ice with remote sensing (Polar 5) and in-situ (Polar 6) instrumentation. The tasks of the Student Assistant working on this topic:

    • get an overview of the flights and data collected
    • visualize the data collected with MiRAC (Microwave Radar and radiometer for Arctic Clouds), the instrument of AG Crewell
    • perform simple statistics on the data (cloud free scenes, flight altitude, open water/sea ice, precipitation,...)


    If you’re interested in working on this exciting topic contact or

Vacancies RG Shao

  • 2 student assistants in RG Shao (Atmospheric Modelling)

    The task covers data preparation and analysis as well as modeling.
    The job is designated to 9 hours/week. More information.
    Contact: Y. Shao

Vacancies RG Neggers

Student Research Opportunities Program (SiROP)

SiROP is an IT-platform for students and scientists to post, search, and find research projects of any kind. It provides information on practical courses, Bachelor- and Master thesis, PhD- and Postdoc positions at the participating universities. Currently, mainly european universities and institutes are involved (e. g., Univeristy of Cologne, ETH Zürich, Imperial College London).

In order to view the offers on SiROP you have to be either student or staff at one of the participating institutions. On login you are required to specify the name of your university or institute. The affiliation is checked via the email address.