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Information for Applicants

In the context of the legally required quality assurance (“Modellakkreditierung”), the University of Cologne is revising its bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Currently effective examination regulations will be amended or replaced. These changes particularly apply to structural and organizational aspects as well as legal aspects of exam regulation (module content, module structure, exam procedures, exam forms, crediting of previously rendered course achievements). The extent and degree of changes differ between the individual courses of study. More information for the course of study M. Sc. Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere will presumably be available from 2014-10-01.

The new regulations are expected to come into effect with the start of winter semester 2015/16.

Please direct any questions regarding the degree program revision at the Prorektorat für Lehre und Studium (

Disclaimer: This English translation is for information purposes only. The original German text is the legally binding version.

Application to the Master of Science in "Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere"

Applications for and enrolment in the degree program is a two-stage process. Firstly, the degree program’s admissions committee will examine the subject-specific and personal suitability of the candidate in accordance with the Admissions regulations . Those candidates who are deemed suitable will then be notified to the student registry office, which will then in a second step check the formal, official prerequisites for enrolment. In the application the candidate must indicate which core subject area, i.e. either Geophysics or Meteorology they wish to specialise in. Applications for the MSc degree program should be sent to: Admissions committee for the MSc "Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere"

Frau Dagmar Janzen
Pohligstr. 3
50969 Köln

Deadlines for Applications

The deadline for the application to start the degree program in the winter semester is 15 July of the same year, and to start the degree program in the summer semester, the application deadline is 15 January of the same year. The following differentiation will be made with respect to applications:

Applications with complete documentation
Applications with provisional documentation
Applications from students who did not complete their secondary education in Germany

Applications with complete documentation

The MSc degree is a consecutive degree program which builds on the first degree of a candidate (in general a BSc). If you have already completed your first degree (in Germany), then you need to include the following documentation in your application:

• Letter of application in which you state your personal motivation for wanting to undertake this degree program
• BSc certificate
• Transcript of Records of your BSc
• CV
• Where appropriate proof of other qualifications (e.g. work experience, periods of time abroad, internships)

PLEASE NOTE: For applicants who have completed their secondary education in Germany, but have qualifications/degrees from countries other than Germany, officially certified translations of copies of the qualifications (if these are not already in English or in German) must be supplied.

Applications with provisional documents

If you expect to have completed your undergraduate degree in Germany before you begin your MSc, but are not yet in possession of your degree certificate, then you can apply with provisional documentation. In this case, please provide the following documentation:

• Letter of application in which you state your personal motivation for wanting to undertake this degree program.
• Transcript of Records, which document all the examinations and assessments which you have achieved at the time of application.
• Transparent calculation of the provisional overall grade for your BSc on the basis of the examinations and assessments documented in the Transcript of Records.
• Proof that you have registered for your BSc dissertation
• CV
• Where appropriate, proof of other qualifications (e.g. work experience, periods of time abroad, internships)

Students who are studying the BSc degree program "Geophysics and Meteorology" at the University of Cologne, do NOT need to submit a Transcript of Records since we already have access to this.

Important: Students who apply with provisional documentation will only be provisionally admitted to the degree program. They will have until the end of the first semester of the degree program to hand in the final outstanding documentation to the student registry office. If the student does not do this, then they will automatically be ex-matriculate

Applications from students who did not complete their secondary education in Germany

In general, applications from this group of students are made through uni-assist who are commissioned by us to check the applications. Important: Since uni-assist has to check the entire set of documentation, applications with provisional documents are not possible for students who did not complete their secondary education in Germany. The fact that uni-assist has accepted an application does not mean that the applicant is admitted to the master program. The admission committee still has to examine the subject-specific and personal suitability and the student registry office still has to verify the formal and the legal prerequisites for enrollment.

The application process is as follows:

• You need to register via the University of Cologne’s Application portal
• You will then receive an email with a security link.

  1. Activate your access to the portal by clicking on the security link
  2. Register yourself in the Application portal
  3. Enter your information (name, place of residence etc.) and the degree you wish to study "Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere" and then save this information.
  4. You can create a PDF Document of your application using the link ‘Print application’.
  5. Send the application electronically to uni-assist using the link ‘Send application’.
  6. Transfer the Administration fee to the uni-assist account.
  7. Print and sign the PDF document.
  8. Send the PDF document together with your documents (see above) (and where appropriate the receipt for your bank transfer) to uni-assist.

On the homepage of uni-assist you will find a general overview of the steps to producing a promising application.
IMPORTANT: Do not use the link found there to the general application portal, but instead use the individual application portal of the University of Cologne.